Joseph Estrada

               After entering the world of politics following a career as an actor, Joseph Estrada became quite popular very quickly. He successfully gained the position as mayor in the Manila suburb of San Juan and kept it for 18 years. In 1969, he was elected for the Senate and eventually ran for vice-president of the National People’s Coalition ticket and won. Finally, Estrada ran for president. His competition was stiff as his competitor was Juan de Venecia, an endorsed House speaker. Fidel Ramos, the previous President, supported many business men including de Venecia, who were opposed to Estrada’s populist ideals. Although his presidential competition was tough, he received no help from the Church either, who denied him their support after hearing that he fathered 4 children with women other than his wife. Despite all of these barriers, Joseph Estrada finally became President.
                However, Estrada’s Presidential term was short-lived after a corruption scandal was discovered. A fellow politician declared that millions of dollars in bribes had been accepted by Estrada. He was put on trial but it was discontinued after other senators “blocked the admission of evidence.” Eventually, Estrada was kicked out of office after mass protests. Estrada remained relatively popular, even after he was brought to trial on charges of having obtained over $80 million through bribery and corrupt dealings and charged with plunder. Finally, Joseph Estrada was convicted of plundering and sentenced to 40 years in jail. However, the new President, Gloria Arroyo, pardoned him and two years later, he was running for presidency again (although he didn’t win).